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Deal Breakers for Homebuyers

November 25th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Deal Breakers for Homebuyers

Slide1Maybe you’re thinking about selling your home because you want to relocate, retire, or move abroad. Maybe you want to upgrade or live beachfront in another country. Either way, you’ll likely face the stress of selling a home at some point in your life. Jason Hartman knows that it is a situation that is rarely fun, and can (especially in a competitive market) be a huge chore.

To ensure this process is as painless as possible, you’ll want to make sure your home is in great shape. Pay special attention to the following—they can be deal breakers for potential homebuyers and are usually relatively simple fixes that will make the process of selling much simpler.

First, replace old windows with new, energy efficient panes. Homebuyers and real estate agents are looking for broken locks, buildup and condensation, and cracks. Though it might cost you a bit of money, it will make your home more saleable and appealing.

Next, take care of any water stains or mold issues that will tell potential buyers to steer clear. Water Damage tells buyers that the home may have mold hiding in every corner, even if the damage is old and has been taken care of. Take a moment to paint over old stains and improve the appearance of your home.

If your home smells of anything other than chocolate chip cookies, watch out! While achieving this delicious smell may be out of the question, do make sure that your place doesn’t smell like pets, smoke, decay, or anything else that may be off-putting to buyers. Ask an outsider to smell check your house, as you’re likely accustomed to any lingering odor. Investigate the underlying cause of a smell, if you have one. Consider repainting, replacing carpet, and opening windows and doors to take care of this potential problem. Similarly, spray for bugs before showing your home to buyers—an ant problem may just send them packing—and not to move in to your property.

Another amenity potential homebuyers are on the lookout for is ample storage space. Especially in older homes, this storage is difficult to come by. If your home suffers from a lack of storage, keep it is clutter-free and make good use of available space. Add shelving, get rid of unnecessary things in storage, and consider adding a shed if you can.

Finally, attempt to show that you’ve recently upgraded your home in some ways. Homeowners like easy move-ins—if they don’t have to redo the kitchen or re-tile the shower, they’ll be more inclined to buy. It also shows that you care about the house and have taken the time to keep it up.

Do these few things to improve the odds that your home will be purchased more quickly. Be objective and quick to act and get packing—you’ll find a buyer in no time! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/5582769644/)

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