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Create a Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

January 14th, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Create a Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

JS104It’s all over the news—flights are being canceled because of extreme cold, people are entering a state of hibernation, and those who can afford to travel to warmer climates almost certainly are. But for many of us, this just isn’t possible. If you’re living somewhere cold, you’ll probably see a fair amount of snow. And if you’re commuting back and forth in your attempt to create wealth (your portfolio is undoubtedly diverse if you’ve listened to Jason Hartman), your car is probably feeling the cold too.

Especially in bad or otherwise inclement weather, it’s important to keep your car happy and yourself safe. One way to do this is by putting together a simple survival kit to leave in your car during winter months. First, gather a large plastic tub to store the items you are going to acquire. Next, get a shovel, windshield scrapper, and flashlight. You should put the flashlight batteries in backward to avoid accidentally turning on a flashlight and wearing them out. Also, find a small battery-powered radio to include.

Next, consider food items that might be helpful. You’ll want to have water, small snacks that are high in protein, and maybe a few candy bars. Similarly, include some medications—particularly important are prescriptions that you need to stay healthy. Also include aspirin or ibuprofen and a first aid kit.

You’ll also want to keep warm in the event of an emergency—bring extra cold weather gear that includes hats, socks, and gloves. Bring blankets or a sleeping bag, if you’ve got room. Pack a car charger for your phone, matches and candles, and something that can be used as a distress flag.

Finally, pack a few things to help your car out. A tow chain or rope may prove useful, as will sand, which can be used for traction, booster cables, and reflectors.

Should you become trapped in bad weather and need to leave your car to seek help, write down your name, address, phone number, and intended destination, including any details you can provide about your potential route. If weather allows, leave the note on the windshield. Otherwise, make sure it is visible.

During the winter, you should also try to keep your gas tank at least half full, and be sure to inform people of your whereabouts if you’re going far. Never attempt to walk anywhere in a storm, and keep dry at all costs.

Follow these tips and have a safe and happy winter! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/blmiers2/6717226759/)


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