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Be careful before renouncing U.S. citizenship

May 11th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Be careful before renouncing U.S. citizenship

Sometimes, on days our federal government is especially acting like an ill-tempered buffoon, the temptation arises to renounce citizenship and move somewhere else – anywhere that logic and common sense still applies, though those characteristics are becoming more and more scarce.

The question becomes is it a good idea to renounce one’s citizenship and, if so, exactly how is it done?

As to the first issue, whether it’s a good idea or not, that’s all up to you. All we can do is enumerate the ramifications. By renouncing your citizenship, you give up all rights, privileges, and protections associated with being a citizen of a particular country. Unless you are already the citizen of another country, you may find yourself suddenly stateless, under the protection of no government, which can present a difficulty when it comes to applying for a visa or passport for travel.

Renouncing your citizenship is fairly easy – and irrevocable. All you must do is:

1.appear in person before a U.S consular or diplomatic office;

2.in a foreign country;

3.sign oath of renunciation

The key here is you must be in a foreign country to renounce U.S citizenship. By the way, renouncing citizenship will not get you out of legal, financial, or military obligations. Do we at Jetsetter advise folks to renounce their citizenship? Not hardly! You better have a darn good reason first. This information is presented merely for educational purposes.

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