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You Deserve a Raise! Here’s How to Get It…

November 30th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on You Deserve a Raise! Here’s How to Get It…

Slide1It’s fair to say that most of us want a raise—especially around the holidays. If you’re working hard, there’s no reason to expect that you won’t be compensated for your good work. But in times of recession, raises are more infrequent and less hefty—if you find yourself facing the end of yearly raises and the days of a Christmas bonus, here are a few ways to return to the good side of your boss’s checkbook.

First, know what you’ve been able to accomplish throughout the year. Think of it as your top five or top ten list, and keep it accessibly in your brain. If you saved or earned the company money, write it down. If you’re a great mentor or have taught employees something, remember it. Make other people remember it too—even water cooler talk can make its way to the big boss.

Next, get in on the projects your boss is most interested in. Play the game a little bit, and volunteer to do things. It’s not exactly brown-nosing, but you’ll be at the forefront of your boss’s mind come bonus time. Similarly, volunteer for other types of training. Show that you’re amenable to change and willing (and excited!) about the opportunity to learn new things. Be certified in something new, or learn another aspect of your business.

No matter where you work, you’ll likely be faced with office events. Jason Hartman never gets sick of holiday parties, but you might. No matter—go anyway. This is your chance to network and make yourself known (hopefully in a good way) around the office. Watch your alcohol intake and get to know your coworkers and bosses for their lives outside your office. Make an effort to fit in at the party and during your day-to-day work life—work to blend in with coworkers in dress, diction, and demeanor. This doesn’t mean you should mirror their negative behavior, but that you shouldn’t be the obvious outlier.

Before it’s time to sit down for your review, ask your employer if there is something they could use assistance with. Being proactive usually impresses a boss, and might make you happier in your job, especially if you’re facing a lack of challenges. Finally, be direct. If you feel that you should be making more money and you aren’t scheduled for a review or raise, ask for the opportunity to discuss your compensation. Make sure that you aren’t asking for an unreasonable amount, and that your company has the means to make it happen. Come prepared to have a direct, assertive discussion—think of it as an interview and prepare to win! Be positive even if you don’t achieve the outcome you desire—another chance may be just around the corner!(http://www.flickr.com/photos/amagill/362201147/)

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