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Author Robert Landori Returns with Mayhem on the Danube

June 13th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Author Robert Landori Returns with Mayhem on the Danube

Back on Jetsetter Show #26, host Jason Hartman interviewed mild-mannered accountant turned international thriller novelist Robert Landori about money-laundering, offshore banking, and his latest (then) book Havana Harvest.

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Though we don’t have

Landori scheduled to be interviewed again yet, we did want to mention that he has released a follow-up to Havana Harvest titled Mayhem on the Danube. While it was the man’s insight into global money laundering and two month imprisonment in Cuba on charges of espionage that initially drew our attention, it turns out he’s a pretty good writer as well.

Below is a blurb about Mayhem on the Danube taken from Landori’s website.

“This fast-paced international thriller reveals how various Jihadist factions competed for world dominance using a new weapon of mass destruction.

Baghdad, October 2001. Chemical Ali, Saddam Hussein’s cousin, has a Weapon of Mass Destruction – human, new variety Creutzfeld-Jakob (Mad Cow) Disease against which there is no known cure. Ali plans to weaponize the virus in bulk, disguised as surgical glue, at a Hungarian facility, but first needs a vaccine to protect the True Believers against this deadly virus.

He learns that the Canadian scientist, Jason Moscovitch, is feverishly working on such a vaccine. Ali recruits

an Al Qaeda Snatch Team, composed of Iraq, Bosnian and Jordanian elements, who kidnap the man. When the scientist refuses to work for the extremists the team kidnaps his mother as well.

Robert Lonsdale, a contract officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Division, is tasked to find and free Moscovitch. But, to succeed, he must first penetrate the unbelievably complex web of Islamic Factionalists involved in the case.”

If this sort of tale of international intrigue is your cup of tea, perhaps you should run, not walk, to your local bookstore to purchase it. Mayhem on the Danube is available from the usual suspects like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. As mentioned, we don’t have Mr. Landori scheduled for a follow up interview just yet, but we’ll put the bug in Jason’s ear.

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