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Ways Brands are Helping Business Travelers Stay Healthy on the Road

January 31st, 2019 by Holly Godbey | Comments Off on Ways Brands are Helping Business Travelers Stay Healthy on the Road

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. A majority of Americans choose to aim at some sort of health goal, including the entrepreneurs and business travelers among us. Whether you’re looking to better manage your stress, focus on a more plant-based diet or cultivate a more active lifestyle, travel brands around the globe now realize more business travelers put their health first, not just in the New Year, but all the time. Here are a few ways high-end hotels, MICE planners, and event venues plan to motivate you to stick to your health goals in the coming months.

A Focus on the Zzzz’s

Nothing is quite as important to your productivity, stress levels and overall health as a good night’s sleep. That’s why many hotel brands now focus on the sleep experience they offer. Beyond a good mattress and set of sheets, they’re providing guests with white noise machines, essential oils, sleep masks and more, all to improve a guest’s sleep experience. Some even offer a complete pillow and sheet menu, so you can pick the filling, firmness and fit that you like best. Blackout shades complete the package, so you can catch those elusive zzzzzz’s no matter what time of day you arrive.

Options for Your Waistline

One of the most difficult challenges for health-conscious travelers is finding wholesome food while on the go. It’s too easy to just grab some fast food or a quick snack while walking through the airport, or hurrying between the conference center and your hotel. But your waistline could bear the cost of that convenience.

Hotels are more frequently combining options that are healthy and convenient. Many offer 24/7 healthy dining choices, ranging from full-on room service, to grab-and-go items from the lobby, including fresh fruit, oatmeal and yogurt in the morning to vegan and paleo ready-made meals in the evening.

Speaking of vegan and paleo, these are two culinary buzzwords you’re likely to find on the menu at a meeting venue. You might be surprised at the quality. No more sad salads for the vegetarians at the table! Chefs at high-end hotels, resorts and conference centers are breaking out their culinary chops to show that better-for-you doesn’t have to mean boring.

Exercise Resources of Every Type

Travelers have little excuse these days to abandon their fitness regimens while on the go. Hotels have you covered. You don’t even have to visit the 24/7 fitness center to sweat among the masses (though we wouldn’t blame you if you did; many hotel fitness centers are now outfitted with only the best and most tech-savvy equipment, pieces you’d probably love to add to your own home gym).

Instead, many provide in-room workout equipment, from yoga mats to weights to inflatable exercise balls. These amenities go along with specially chosen, expert-led workout routines you can access on your in-room television. Forget your favorite workout clothes at home? Many also allow you to rent workout clothes, from footwear to sports bras. You can even keep the pieces you like. If you’re more of a runner, other brands have hired on-site concierges to give you the skinny on the best places to run in the neighborhood, providing you with detailed routes, and sometimes even a pre-loaded iPod, so you can listen to some tunes even if you’ve lost your ear buds in transit.

Want to experience these perks for yourself?

“Just because you’re a globetrotting business traveler, it doesn’t mean you should let your fitness goals fall to the wayside,” says Jason Hartman, frequent business traveler and host of the Jetsetter Show. “Not only can sticking to your diet goals and fitness regimen keep you personally fulfilled, but it can also make your business travel experience more enjoyable and productive.”

You can find all of the above at a variety of brands, but some in particular are leading the pack. Hilton recently rolled out its Five Feet to Fitness concept at select properties. It provides guests with 11 different kinds of fitness equipment and accessory options in guestrooms, alongside blackout shades for better sleep, Biofreeze to ease away any workout pain, and a selection of protein drinks.

IHG, meanwhile, created an entire brand around the wellness travel concept; EVEN Hotels keeps your personal well-being in mind during your entire travel experience, from the natural eucalyptus fiber bedding to convenient and healthy dining options.

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