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The Most Extravagant Business Class Flights in the World

January 28th, 2019 by Holly Godbey | Comments Off on The Most Extravagant Business Class Flights in the World

Headed out on a business trip? While you might be dreading it — long travel days, business meetings, frantic schedules and all the rest — the great thing about corporate traveling is flying business class. If it’s not a perk you’ve splurged on before, listen up; business class can be a real treat. Of course, some airlines do business class better than others. Here are the best and most extravagant business class flights in the world.

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is frequently lauded as one of the best in the world, thanks to its high level of luxury. While its first class cabins get all the buzz, business class is hardly shabby.

The new Singapore Airlines business cabins on the A380 aircraft are beautiful, with lots of space, privacy and a great design. Traveling with your beau? Book a middle seat and turn your seats into a double bed for those long flights (and Singapore Airlines boasts some of the longest, topping out at 18-19 hours). Hungry? You can choose from dozens of entree options on the business-class menu.

2. Etihad

Another high ranker in the world of luxury airlines, Etihad hails from the Middle East and carries with it all the luxury you’d expect from high-end destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Again, while this airline gets a lot of praise for its three-room Residences (yes, please!), the business class is nothing to pass up.

Etihad’s business studios are stylish, spacious and also offer the ability to sit close to your traveling companion if you book a middle seat. All seats offer direct aisle access and rows alternately face forward and backward. Get your dinner on demand, kick back for some entertainment via the huge setback screen and get ready for bed with a destination-specific amenity kit. Feeling a little rough around the edges? The bed has a massage feature.

The business studio is available on flights featuring the Boeing 787 or the Airbus A380 aircraft.

3. Delta One Suite

One of the few American carriers with a high-end business-class product that’s up to snuff, Delta’s relatively new One Suite is a beautiful business class experience with (drumroll please) doors! The large seats are spacious and well-designed, and there’s plenty of privacy to be had.

Little extra touches matter, as you already know, and the Delta One Suite offers amenities in droves. The seats are made with memory foam. The lights are customizable. Amenity kits come from such top brands as Tumi and Kiehl’s. Meals are inspired by top American chefs and come on luxury service ware.

4. Qatar Airways QSuite

What is it about Middle Eastern airlines and their ability to impress? Qatar Airways recently revealed its Qsuite and is extending its availability across its routes served by Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft. It’s getting rave reviews, too, being called truly the world’s best business class seat.

What makes it so great? Well, it has a door. It’s huge. The flying experience is super-customizable. If you want some alone time, book a window seat. If you’re traveling with a group, you can create a space that fits up to four people, with a quad suite in the middle, that’s the size of four of these business class seats all put together. Then, you can easily face one another (or not) and work together, eat together, etc.

When it’s time to go to sleep, enjoy quilted mattresses, full-sized pillows, luxury pajamas, Armani amenity kits and more. If you’re flying with just one other person, you can combine your seats for a double bed.

5. United Polaris

Along with Delta, United recently upgraded its business-class concept, unveiling the Polaris business-class experience. Initially rolling out very slowly, the spacious, private seats are being added to routes at a faster pace now, so you can enjoy the spa-inspired amenity kits, huge seats, luxury bedding and more, wherever you happen to be traveling.

6. Emirates

Really, the Middle Eastern carriers have the edge on the business class market. Any chance your boss will be sending you to Dubai soon?

Emirates recently unveiled its new business-class cabin that’s modeled after the same luxury you’d find in a Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan. Enjoy a beautifully designed lie-flat seat, a full cocktail bar mid-flight, and complimentary chauffeur service.

“Business travel should never be dreaded or a chore,” says Jason Hartman, frequent business traveler and host of the JetSetter Show. “These business-class suites make any trip more enjoyable, luxurious and something to get excited about.”