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See the Northern Lights from a Swedish Ice Hotel this Winter

November 10th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on See the Northern Lights from a Swedish Ice Hotel this Winter

The ICEHOTEL that is recreated and expanded upon every year near the Torne River stands alone as a unique work of art that invites you inside to sleep upon it. If you thought you would be roughing it at a crudely hewn, primitive construction, you may be wrong but you may be right. Well-heeled, adventurous travelers from all over the world converge upon this little Lapland village 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Each year, when the temperature drops below freezing, local sculptors go to work creating the ICEHOTEL.

Usually beginning in early December, this lodging facility begins accepting the first guests. Construction is still underway, which is an awesome sight to watch in itself, with the raw building material of great blocks of ice cut and transported from the Torne River. Each week a new part

of the hotel opens to visitors and guests. ICEHOTEL normally closes some time in April, when the first warm rays of spring began nibbling at the walls and ceiling.

In between, experience a winter wonderland like no other. What are the accommodations like? Take your choice of a cold or warm experience. For the hearty minded, you can choose a spartan room, sleeping in thermal sleeping bags on top of reindeer skins set atop an ice block bed. Modern rooms with facilities (like heat and running water) are also available. With two restaurants and a bar and lounge open on the premises, plus the most spectacular aerial display known to man – the Northern Lights – the only question left to ask is why haven’t you booked your flight to Sweden yet?

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