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San Alfonso Del Mar – If Swimming Pools Were Orgasms, This Would Be Multiples

December 14th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on San Alfonso Del Mar – If Swimming Pools Were Orgasms, This Would Be Multiples

San Alfonso Del MarWe’re not sure if a visit to San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile would be categorized as adventure travel or just another stop for the enterprising jetsetter. Acknowledged by the Guiness Book of World Records as the current record holder of the largest swimming pool in the world (nothing else even comes close), you have to ask yourself one question: Is it worth valuable time out of my life to make the trek down south merely to jump in a pool?

Normally we’d say maybe si, maybe no but, damn, this one should be ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Take a look at the picture up there and try to wrap your brain around the following numbers.

  • 6/10ths of a mile long and 115 feet deep
  • Covers 19 acres
  • Holds 66 million gallons of water

One thing that leaps immediately to mind is, “That’s gotta be one hell of a water bill.” Not as much as one might think. The water for the pool/lagoon is pumped in from the Pacific Ocean mere yards away, then filtered and treated to an almost sexually alluring crystal clear shimmer. In addition to what seems like miles of swimming space, the San Alfonso Del Mar pool comes with a dock and fleet of several small boats; perfect for sailing without the hazards of cold water, riptides, crashing surf, jellyfish stings, shark bites, and sea turtle doo doo.

The “adventure travel” aspect of a trip to San Alfonso Del Mar is the luke warm reviews offered from visitors at the resort. The place is not a

traditional hotel but rather a collection individually owned condos that are maintained in varying states of cleanliness and sanitation. Inflicting your United States perspective on the lodging might result in disappointment, however, if you go with the solitary goal of enjoying the largest pool in the world, you’re likely to come away happy. The reviews we could find spoke highly of that aspect of San Alfonso Del Mar as a superlative experience.

For us at The Jetsetter Show, we’d spend the night in the belly of a recently deceased llama for the chance to luxuriate in that bad boy of a pool. We normally don’t like to use sexual terms to refer to inanimate objects but make this one exception – world’s largest swimming pool – orgasmic to travelers.

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