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Sailing to the Top Greek Islands

September 28th, 2012 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Sailing to the Top Greek Islands

A sailing vacation in Greece offers you the luxurious opportunity to cruise the sea and island-hop to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. While cruising the Aegean and Ionian Sea, you’ll certainly want to visit these exotic locations:

Santorini: Many individuals sail to this island to experience its unique beaches, which run the gamut from white to red to the black pebble beach at Kamari. However, the most interesting aspect of Santorini is its landscape. The island is known for its submerged caldera, which was the result of the former volcano’s final explosion. The circular islands that remain offer fabulous views and are home to traditional Greek buildings staggered on the cliff wall. Amoudi Bay offers views of the caldera and provide an ideal spot for relaxing on the deck and enjoying a cocktail and a sunset.

Mykonos: Jet setters head to this cosmopolitan island where the picturesque view includes the whitewashed houses with bright accents against the side of the cliff. The blue of the sea is almost unnatural and fisherman still depart each morning to catch the evening meal. What Mykonos is most known for, of course, is its nightlife. Even during the day, you’re bound to find a crowd at the open bars, such as those located on Paradise Beach. But once the sun goes down, things really start heating up. After dark, you’re apt to find a great nightclub almost anywhere in Mykonos Town, but the busiest section is Matoyanni Street, where lounges such as Astra and Uno attract party-goers. Once the clubs close their doors, you can always head back to Paradise Beach, to enjoy great cocktails and dancing while you watch the sunrise.

Paros: With easy access and natural beauty, Paros is everyman’s island. The prices are more reasonable, the beaches simply stunning, and the activities varied. Enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, yoga on the beach, horseback riding in the hills, and learning to dance. You can stay in a basic room or book a place in a luxury villa.

The quality of cuisine is as delicious as on Mykonos and Santorini and the nightlife is just as thrilling, perhaps more due to the diversity of island guests. Paros offers both sides of the coin – the traditional Greece that many seek among the Cyclades Islands as well as the modern conveniences to which tourists are accustomed.

Other Greek islands that you may wish to sail to include Naxos, Corfu, and Lefkada. Be sure to visit Jason Hartman’s website for tips on your financial future. (Top image: Flickr | liakapelke)

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