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Planning a Luxury Picnic

April 21st, 2014 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Planning a Luxury Picnic

JS0401Now that it is officially springtime, we hope you’re thinking about getting out of the home and office. Perhaps (like Jason Hartman) you live somewhere warm enough that you’ve been enjoying breakfast on the patio for months now, or perhaps you’re just beginning to feel those rays of sunshine greening up the front lawn. No matter the case, we’re here to tell you how to picnic in luxury style!

Pretty Flowers
When you throw a dinner party, you likely have some sort of centerpiece. Don’t excuse yourself from this fun way to brighten up a space just because you’re eating outside! Bring an outdoor-friendly vase, opt for a simple bunch of flowers tied together, or even grab a potted plant!

The Basket
A plastic sack isn’t a great choice for a luxury picnic, so opt for something a little fancier. There are a ton of wicker baskets that come complete with beautiful patterned lining, fancy plates, and wine glasses. Good baskets often include silverware, napkins, wine openers, and salt and pepper shakers. Bonus? It will look great in all the photos you’ll Instagram later!

The Entertainment
If you’re looking to extend the length of your picnic, why not watch a movie too? There is a large assortment of portable projectors available for your use. Look online to score the best deal or visit an office supply store if you’re in a time crunch. You can get portable, easy to set up screens or opt for something a little more homemade. A blank wall or sheet of butcher paper works in a pinch!

The Food
Plan a meal with multiple courses for a picnic that feels truly luxurious. Pack along a cheese board you can fill with delicious cheese, fruit, and chocolate before the main course. It will go great with the wine you’ve got stashed away!

Next, invest in an outdoor fondue set (around $100) to really wow your guests or significant other. If you’ve gone with cheese for the appetizer, you can go chocolate fondue for dessert! Finally, you’ll want to impress with your main course. For around $200, you can purchase a grill specially designed for picnics. A few kabobs will fit at a time, so grab some steak and veggies and make a hot meal on the spot!

If your idea of spending time outdoors consists of having a few cocktails on the patio, give luxury picnicking a shot! We think you’ll love it. (photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc)

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