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More Travel Apps You’ll Want to Download

September 22nd, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on More Travel Apps You’ll Want to Download

If you’re the jetsetting type, there’s nothing better than technology that helps make your life just a little bit easier. With so many apps out there, it can be difficult to determine which, if any, you might be interested in. Jason Hartman has traveled the world and knows a thing or two about making it easier. Here are some apps we hope will speed your journey along.

For Your Creativity


A lot of travelers are also bloggers, so the WordPress app is perfect. Even in the app, you have access to full screen editing. It’s a pretty good, pretty functional editor, and well worth the download.

Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime

While this app is a bit silly, it can be a great help for families separated by distance (or silly friends). This app allows you to read stories to someone from a remote location. The books are part of the app and come with cool illustrations that everyone is sure to love.


We know–we couldn’t believe it either–but some people just don’t operate online. Postagram is a way for you to send actual postcards made from your photos to whomever you choose. You’ve got to pay, but its a great way to use technology to communicate with your snail mail friends and family.

For Your Productivity

Google Translate

Google is the king of everything, and their excellence in translation is no surprise. The app translates text with relative (not perfect) accuracy. You can speak to the app in your native language and it will speak the language of your choice back. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than charades.


Dropbox is essential for businesses and is especially helpful on the road. Instead of sending documents to yourself or risking losing a little memory stick, rely on documents. This cloud storage service and app will give you instant access to everything you need and (if your device is stolen) you’ll still have your documents.

Dropphox is a photo sharing service by Dropbox that allows you to save a cloud backup of your photo seconds after taking it. Simply share the folder with those you want to view your photos, and they’ll get notified that new material is available–in real time.

Skype Wi Fi

Every business person and travelers alike know about Skype–but the Skype wifi app is pretty awesome in itself. If you need wifi but don’t want to subscribe to an expensive service you plan on using for only a few minutes, Skype wifi is worth checking out. You’ll pay for internet by the minute–allowing you to pay for as much or as little as you need.

For Your Sanity


Kayak has long been a popular service on the web–but it has a great selection of mobile apps too! While you can search for flight information, the app really shines in its ability to let you explore different destinations. You can view a map and the price it might cost you to travel to different parts of it. If you’re location-flexible, it can be a great way to choose a country to explore.


Every seasoned traveler knows that a travel planner is an essential part of the travel process. This app allows you to send all confirmation emails you receive from airlines, lodging, cars, etc. to one handy address. Then, the address draws up an awesome digital itinerary for you, easily available from your cell phone. The app can be used for a single vacation, but also has the capacity to organize multiple trips.


A lot of people use Evernote, but it has great applications for travel. It’s a way to organize notes, especially in the disarray of travel. You’re able to take photographs of receipts and other paperwork that is important for your trip, effectively cataloguing all of your documents.


This app is a finance organizer and a great help to those traveling for business. It allows you to track your purchases  and all other transactions by establishing a sync with your bank account and credit cards. The app will scan receipts and send you a PDF of spending upon completion of your trip.

For Your Adaptivity

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet guides have long been a staple of the world traveler, but they too have gone digital. Instead of lugging a book along, consider downloading the Lonely Planet app. Sure, it will cost you a few bucks, but you’ll have access all of the features in the book. The guides can help with tourist destinations, translations, restaurant selection, etc.

Highlights (for iPad)

Highlights tracks the places people are checking into via a variety of other platforms and makes them browsable on a map. It’s great for making choices on restaurants or tourist locations–what’s popular is typically what’s good.


It’s easy to get lost when you’re in a new place, but Orient gives you a little bit of help. In a compass view, you can look at locations and locations in relations to your position. Upon opening the app, you’ll be able to see major cities–but you can add places you want to visit. You’ll get destination location as well as direction and distance.

JetLag Genie

While it isn’t free, the JetLag Genie app will certainly pay for itself in no time at all. You enter in your flight information and sleep patterns and the app will recommend a sleeping schedule for you meant to reduce jet lag. You’ll have suggestions on what to do before, during, and after the flight that will leave you better able to function when you’re on the ground.

Tipping Bird

It can be difficult enough to figure out how to tip in your home country–but try doing it abroad. Tipping practices vary greatly across the world (ranging from significant tips to no tip at all). This app allows you to select the country, then providing a recommendation. Restaurants and taxis are both included in the app, which also converts currency.

Thank you technology, for making our travel just a little bit easier!

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