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Luxury Lifestyle Products You Can’t Live Without

August 25th, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on Luxury Lifestyle Products You Can’t Live Without

Everyone who has ever owned a smartphone knows it–gadgets are pretty cool, and an essential part of the luxury lifestyle. Now, there are gadgets for everyone in every stage of life that cover our bases from the car to the toilet. Gadgets are everywhere, and they’re here to stay.

Jason Hartman is a technology man, and he’s searched far and wide for the swankiest–here are a few of our favorites.

For the living room

Why not enjoy a television without the intrusion of a television? If you dig your tv but not the aesthetic, try the transparent tv by Michael Friebe. It combines LCD and TOLED technology to create the moving pictures you know and love–but it’s totally see through when its off.

If lighting is your thing, check out the LULA Lung Lamp, which collects data and tells you about the air quality in your room. As long as you’re connected to the internet (and who isn’t?) the lamp will take steps to process the data and tell you about potential issues with your air. Of course, you could always try out the WAT lamp, which is fueled by water.

A lot of us are always complaining about being cold–what if you had a thermostat that could help you out a little more? Nest Labs Thermostat does just that. The thermostat, which was acquired by Google in January, works with most HVAC systems and remembers the temperatures that you like best. It absorbs the data and automatically adjusts temperature, turning it down when you’re away. You can even access it from your tablet and smartphone (and, of course, your computer).

You should also consider a Smart Alarm System, which connects to the internet and includes a 1080p camera, motion sensors that are build in, a siren, and a host of other automated features. You can access the system remotely–perfect if you’re prone to those “Home Alone” type of scenarios.

The kitchen

Most dishwashers and dishwashing detergents don’t do a great job, requiring a person to pre wash the dishes before they’re even in the machine. Not the Eco Cleaner, which uses ultrasonic waves to ionize bits of food. Then, it converts said food into compost for plants!

You might also consider the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator, which uses a magnetic cooling system that heats and cools your wine in a timely fashion. You’ll also be reducing carbon emissions and increasing the efficiency of your energy. You will get a sleek fridge with a cool touch screen–impressing your guests and making your home the ultimate in luxury.

If you’re the environmental type, you’ll love the 1limit Faucet, which allocates the water you’re able to use in one trip to the faucet. You’ll definitely save on water costs at the sink–and you’ll be more aware of your usage overall.

There are a lot of refrigerators out there, but a few of them really take the cake, so to speak. While all of them keep your food cold, some go about and beyond. They self clean, connect to wi-fi so that you can “manage” your food–track expiration dates, figure out what meals you have ingredients for, etc. They’re also making fridges that come with LCD touchscreens in case you need a snack and the internet at the same time. It’s the perfect gadgety fridge for those who love to Facebook/Instagram/Tweet pictures of their food!

The bedroom

It can be extremely frustrating to wake up and struggle to find the path to the bathroom. It’s tricky to find a nightlight in the dark, and that’s where the Senzo Nightlight comes in. You simply install the tube in your wall–then touch your wall, illuminating the room.

It’s hard to wake up in the morning even after a full night of rest–and let’s face it, not many of us are getting that. Enter the iQ Alarm clock, that forces you to wake up by asking you to solve questions. It prevents you from slamming the snooze and gets your brain active.

If you long for the comfort of a master bath but don’t yet have one, consider the Tulip bath and shower. Designed by Piotry Pyrteck, the Tulip resembles its namesake and offers bathing options in a space saving capsule. Complete with jets and massage options, the Tulip is a great solution for everyone.

If you struggle to keep your bedroom clean, we’ve got the ultimate in luxury gadget. The Orbital Washing Machine allows you to remove an orb to collect your clothing. Then, you place the circle back in the machine. The orbs (there are two of them–one for white clothing and one for colored clothing) also function as sorting baskets when they’re not in the wash.

The office

Lighting an office can be tricky, but there’s no need to worry with this cool home gadget. The RIMA lamp provides light by way of sliding controller rings set on a frame. You can control the angle, intensity, heat, and color of light.

You might also like the Document Extractor, which combines the idea of a printer/scanner and a monitor. The monitor has a paper intake slot on the back and a scanner on the front–it’s an all in one machine with a cool touch screen.

If your office needs a little bit of cheering up, you might check out the Click and Grow electronic flowerpot, which caters to those with even the blackest of thumbs. The plant is soil-less and automatically provides water and nutrients to your plant, ensuring that you can grow something green in your space.

If you have a lot of USB accessories, you might need a USB wall socket, which includes two USBs ports (and two standard outlet ports). The port is designed to charge things 25% faster than another charger–and it works with your existing outlets!

Gadgets are ever evolving to make our lives easier–and we’re excited about it! What are your favorite tech gadgets–even if you don’t own them? If you have a techy need that isn’t being met, share it with us–after all, misery loves company!

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