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JS 89: Finding Cheap Tickets & Discount Flights with Tom Spagnola SVP of CheapOair.com

December 23rd, 2014 by Jason | Comments Off on JS 89: Finding Cheap Tickets & Discount Flights with Tom Spagnola SVP of CheapOair.com


With price comparison websites and travel agencies boasting their efficiency, Jason Hartman takes the chance to talk to the Senior Vice-President of Supplier Relations at www.CheapOair.com, Thomas Spagnola. Together, they talk about what you should do if your flight gets delayed and cheat tricks on how to get the best value for money on your flights, as well as talking on a more general level about how companies such as CheapOair come to be so successful and popular.

Key Takeaways
02.24 – Travel companies such as CheapOair relies on having good relationships with other related firms, the same as any industry does, really.
05.54 – Finding a company that can organize everything you need for an open-jaw journey is a blessing.
07.18 – Tom Spagnola gives his top tips on what to do if your flight is cancelled or delayed.
10.07 – Take advantage of your airline’s update options so that you know the exact status of your flight.
12.45 – Think back: when were you last on a flight with lots of empty seats?
14.23 – Jason Hartman asks the questions on everybody’s lips about gaming the travel system.
17.14 – For more information about the company featured on today’s show, head to www.CheapOair.com

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When it comes to traveling, knowledge is power.


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Jason Hartman:
It’s my pleasure to welcome Tom Spagnola to the Show, he is Senior Vice-President of Supplier Relations at CheapOair, and I must tell you that my Mother recommended this website because I’m traveling all the time so it’s good to have Tom on the Show. Tom, welcome, how you doing?

Tom Spagnola:
Great, great, wonderful, thank you Jason. I’m glad your Mom was able to find us. We’re doing a fantastic job in this industry to help consumers find some excellent airfares and travel plans.

Good, that’s good to hear. So, first of all, Tom, I think I’m not alone in thinking that airline tickets are pretty much a commodity nowadays, aren’t they? Aren’t all the websites the same price? Is there really a difference?

I think there is. With each travel company and websites, some of them have different niches that they look at. Some of them are more vacation package orientated, some others look to different types of verticals throughout the industry. There are some excellent deals and some programs that we have and some preferred partnerships that give us an advantage in the industry to help find different types of fares. The basis is pretty similar, but there ar