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Italy for sale.

July 30th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Italy for sale.

luxury travelersLuxury travelers interested in Italy should sit up and take notice.

With European economies tumbling left and right, the Italian government is the latest, following France and Greece, to take the shocking step of putting up palaces, beaches, and islands for sale, some of which have incredible historic value.

From the Jetsetter point of view, it’s been a few thousand years since there’s been a real estate buying opportunity like this one. Prices are likely to be high but stuff like this just doesn’t find it’s way to the open market every day. Is the Italian government desperate? Probably. The grand total of national real estate being offered for sale is over $3 billion Euros.

Deep pocketed luxury travelers can choose from such gems as:

1. 45 miles of secluded coastline in the Caprera Islands, off the the coast of Sardina and world-renowned for scuba diving.

2. Venetian islands located next to that famous submerged city.

3. Historical buildings such as the 16th century Villa Giulia museum and 900 year old Norman palace in Palermo.

No word yet on the price tag for the Leaning Tower of Piza or Roman Coliseum. Bet they don’t come cheap. Seriously, the rumor of the recovery that may or may not be poking it’s head up in other parts of the world has yet to be found in Italy, with recent reports showing business and consumer confidence tumbling further every month, and the highest jobless rate in six years.

As always, someone else’s bad luck look is another’s good fortune, so if you’re a luxury traveler with a classical European bent, keep your eye on Italian real estate developments and you could be sleeping in the same bed as an ancient Sicilian king.

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