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Inflight Internet, iPads, and Wi-Fi for the Firsties

December 2nd, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Inflight Internet, iPads, and Wi-Fi for the Firsties

inflight InternetLong ago airlines realized that a great way to keep passengers happy and mostly trouble-free was to ply them with alcohol. It’s only on the rare occasion that a rowdy one emerges who has to be trussed up, tied down, or tossed overboard. But in the industry’s continued quest to keep passengers under control, more airlines are rolling out a variety of inflight Internet options and even, in some cases, iPad rentals. Apparently, technology has developed to a point where passengers can safely surf the ‘net without creating a burst of electronic babble that interferes with navigation and causes the plane to drop from the sky.

Lufthansa recently announced it will be offering inflight Internet – again. Four years ago, the airline was a major customer for a Boeing satellite based inflight Internet service that disappeared, so Lufthansa couldn’t wait to sign up for a new version, in partnership with Panasonic, called “FlyNet.” After logging on, customers will see the free Lufthansa portal, which streams continually updated news, sports, and entertainment stories. If you want to access the real Internet, it’s going to cost you beginning February 1, 2011. Until then, a free introductory offer takes precedent.

Get your iPads! Hot iPads! Yes, the latest in technological gadgetry is now available for rent aboard discount airlines Iceland Express. For the low, low price of $13 you can rent one of Steve Jobs babies for the duration of the flight. Now, you may say,

I’m not planning on traveling to Iceland at any point in this life and probably the next as well. Silly reader, Iceland isn’t the ONLY place Iceland Express flies. The airline operates mainly in Europe but does have limited service into New York City and Winnipeg. It might not be worth flying to Iceland and back simply to try one out. But then again, it might.

Lastly, we have news from Delta Airlines that is liable to severely upset the peasants in coach class. Installation of wi-fi inflight Internet access will begin immediately on Delta’s regional jets and be complete by the end of 2011. The catch? It’s only available for First Class reservations, a move which could instigate an airborne rebellion but, what the hell, go for it anyway. We’ll stay tuned.

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