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HGTV’s Smart Home is Pretty Smart

June 6th, 2014 by Jason Hartman | Comments Off on HGTV’s Smart Home is Pretty Smart

medium_12203916394It’s hard to impress us in this age of technology, but HGTV has done it! If you’re looking to win a pretty swanky house, here it is—a look into the future. HGTV’s 2014 Smart House giveaway is located in Nashville and features a ton of cool technologies for the luxury lifestyle.

From the outside, the home looks traditional. Though it looks like something from the French countryside, the inside of the home is far more advanced. Sitting just inside the walls are a variety of futuristic appliances. In every room, there’s a fancy high definition television on a crane hidden somewhere, no wires in sight. But they’re aesthetically pleasing, barely noticeable above the coffee pot built into the kitchen cupboards.

There’s also a fancy stovetop range with a build-in hot water dispenser right above—no more transporting large pots of water across the kitchen! Even your ironing board has grommets for the cords, so don’t worry about those pesky cords and wires. Where do these wires go? Through the walls and back to a closet where all the technology is stores.

In the master bedroom, you’ll find a remote control bed that moves up and down and window shades that are set to automatically rise and lower with the sun. But if that isn’t your thing, change their timing from one of the many iPads that comes with the home.

Hate waiting for the shower to warm-up? Then you’ll love the touchless shower that heats up before you leave your remote control bed. While you’re there, watch a little television because there’s one there too. There’s also custom art throughout the home and tons of unique pieces that make the home feel both futuristic and homey. There’s bright, tasteful colors and high end finishes that make this house extra luxurious.

Every light in the house is controlled wirelessly, so changing the mood of the space through lighting is incredibly easy. Plus, the basement contains a super cool feature—a built in stage! It’s got a custom chalkboard and plenty of comfortable furniture for your audience. You can record yourself with the rafter camera and project your image on the big screen located on the other side of the room.

It’s fancy, luxurious, and (in the words of Jason Hartman) pretty darn swanky! To see more photos, visit HGTV’s website, and enter to win!

(photo credit: `Olivier Jules` via photopin cc)

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