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Free Travel Information Not always What it Seems

August 14th, 2010 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Free Travel Information Not always What it Seems

free travel informationMuch of the free travel information out there comes with a slant of personal bias. Sorry, that’s the nature of the business model. It’s tough to find an opinion unencumbered by advertising dollars or some sort of financial incentive to taint the review towards the positive. On the other side of the coin, you have the review mill websites. TripAdvisor is a good example. Aggregate websites like this invite travelers to post their own unbiased reviews.

Great idea! Except that, just like callers to radio talk shows, the disgruntled minority are not shy about blabbing the bad parts of their current obsession to Kingdom Come, while satisfied customers sit silently by. That’s human nature for you. Nothing much to do about it except realize the free travel information you’re perusing of allegedly unbiased reviews are not a true sampling of people who have used the facilities in question.

That’s where Jetsetter comes in. The free travel information dispensed via the blog and podcast are truly a labor of love on Jason Hartman’s part, inspired by a lifetime of world travel. There is no ad revenue in place on either to sway our opinions, plus we realize that to live the Jetsetter lifestyle requires knowledge that goes beyond the simple question of where to stay and what to eat. We’re in the business of teaching you how to live a lifestyle independent of financial restrictions. A vacation is great. A permanent vacation lifestyle is better.

Stay tuned to Jetsetter and we’ll show you how to get there, then stay forever if you want.

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