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Expats Head for Cheaper, Non-Industrialized Countries

January 4th, 2013 by The JetSetter Team | Comments Off on Expats Head for Cheaper, Non-Industrialized Countries

What’s not to like about non-industrial living? Just a few things we can think about off the top of our heads: sunny climates, cheaper goods and services, sinfully low real estate prices, slower pace of life, and (usually) a friendlier population. Going “beach bum” after a life spent in the hectic trenches of an industrialized America can be quite appealing. Sure, you needed the advanced financial network of your homeland to set in motion the wheels of passive income, but now it’s time to downshift and live a more casual existence.

So where do you go as a potential expatriate? Jason Hartman's global travels have led him to the conclusion that Central America and Latin American countries are among the most popular relocation destinations in the world. Here are a few to consider.

Panama: Now that General Noriega and the remnants of his dictatorial regime have high-tailed it for the hills or been whisked out of the country, leaving behind the sort of political stability most never thought would evolve, American expats are finding much to enjoy in the affordable prices, natural beauty, and legendary nightlife.

Columbia: Long derided as the cocaine capital of the world, certain areas of the country – such as Cartegena on the northern coast – are safe for American tourists and expats. Venturing into remote mountainous areas where the drug is still manufactured is never

a good idea. The upside is that this tropical wonderland is almost criminally cheap when compared to American standards.

Cuba: Cuba is in the process of transitioning from Fidel Castro’s old-style communist dictatorship to the more moderate governing approach of his brother, Raul. While it is presently difficult and maybe even undesirable for an American to expat to Cuba, if the borders ever open more fully and the embargo against trade with the island nation is lifted, expect a mad rush to ensue. As current leader, Raul Castro realizes that tourism

is the only thing that can save an economy that has been beaten down by more than a half century of austere Marxism.

Other countries that should be on an expatriate’s short list of considerations: Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, and Brazil. All offer varying levels of tropical culture, great prices, and a more laid back pace that appeals to many Americans with the desire to leave behind the industrial and technological giant that has stamped their meal ticket with the means to go where they want and do what they like. (Top image: Flickr | flippinyank)

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